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Chest Surgeon in India

It’s often referred to Mastectomy or Thoriac Surgery. Dr. Atul Mishra is a trained chest surgeon in India who is known for doing critical chest surgeries during his long-stretched career and has produced positive results. He has gained excel in doing complex surgical procedures of the heart, lungs, esophagus, and other organs in the chest.

Performing chest surgeries require vast medical experience and knowledge. Since Dr. Atul is a world-renowned surgeon and is actively performing surgeries in DMC&H, he understands the complexities that a surgery produces.

From pneumonia, tuberculosis to chest infections etc diseases, patients are treated with best-in-class medical care and facilities that put them on the path of recovery and they are able to find their good health back under the guidance of Dr. Atul.

The duty of Dr. Atul and his team is to perform surgeries depending on the medical condition of the patients. The duty of thoriac surgeon is to remove tumors, repair trauma o the heart, blood vessels, lungs, esophagus etc.

Types of Diseases That a Chest Surgeon Often Treats

> Coronary Artery Disease

It infects and attacks the organs inside the chest. Moreover, it results in the chest cavity that results due to bony structures and tissues.

> Aortic Valve Disease

A lot of people usually suffer from this. It happens when the aortic valve doesn’t work properly.

> Mitral Valve Disease

When mitral valve doesn’t work properly, the disease builds up.

> Lung Cancer-

It’s one of the most types of cancers that builds in the lungs.

> Esophageal Cancer-

The esophagus is the hollow and muscular food that moves food and is one of the most important parts of our bodies. Cancer builds in esophagus create troubles for the patient until it’s not diagnosed by an expert using advanced medical treatment.

> Atrial Septal Defects

Chest surgeon operates hole in the wall between the heart’s upper chambers.

> Ventricular Septal Defects

The hole gets developed that separates lower chamber of the heart.

> Tetralogy of Fallot

Four congenital heart defects series that needs experienced chest surgeon to properly test and diagnose.