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Fistula Treatment

Anal fistula is an infected tunnel that develops between the skin and the muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract (anus).

It occurs as a result of infection in anal gland causing formation of a pocket of pus (called as abscess). This abscess drains spontaneously or by surgery through the skin near the anus. It results in formation of a tunnel or track under the skin connected to infected gland which is called anal fistula or fistula in ano.
Dr Atul Mishra has a long experience in treating patients with simple, complex and recurrent fistula (previously operated with fistula occurring again). Result of his operations are excellent with less pain, early recovery and less chance of recurrence. He is also expert in treating patients of piles, fissure and perianal abscess.

Risk factors
•       Anal abscess
•       Tuberculosis
•       HIV
•       Diabetes
•       Cancer
•       Inflammatory bowel disease
•       Injury

•       Pain around anus
•       Bleeding or pus discharge
•       Redness and swelling in the perianal area
•       Pain while passing stool

•       MRI
To define the fistula and know the depth and direction and relation with sphincter (the muscular ring around anus that helps us in holding stool and gas: continence)


Surgery is usually needed to treat anal fistula.

•       For a simple fistula, a cut is made to open the skin and muscle surrounding the tunnel. This allows the opening to heal from the inside out.
•       A plug to close the fistula can also be used
•       For a more complicated fistula, a tube/thread/ wire– known as a seton – may be put into the opening. This helps drain the infected fluid before surgery. It could take 6 weeks or more.

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